I am from the Philippines. I don’t have access to a mujtahid to pay my khums to him and I am not sure whether there are deserving Sayyids where I live. To whom am I supposed to pay my khums?
I am from the Philippines. I have a query regarding KHUMS. As far as I know, khums should be paid to a Mujtahid or his representative and the other half is for the Sayyids which are their obligatory shares. To whom should I pay the khums where in fact I don’t have access to a Mujtahid and I’m not sure if there are deserving Sayyids living in our country?


The response of Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani (may Allah prolong his life) in this regard is as follows:


You can transfer the money via internet or bank to the qualified mujtahid or his representative and it is better to submit it to the Islamic supreme leader or his representative. In any case, without specific consent of the mujtahid or his representative, you cannot pay that money to anyone else.


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