What is the ruling on transacting and interacting with the Baha’is?
1- What is the ruling on transacting with those whose faith is Baha’ism? 2- If a Muslim transacts with a Baha’i, can we transact with that Muslim on the same thing he transacted with the Baha’i on? For example, a Baha’i owns a store and a Shi’ah rents it from him and opens a dry cleaner’s there. Is it permissible for us to take our clothes there? 3- If a person says he isn't Baha’i, is that enough for us to believe him or do we have to investigate?


Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani (may Allah prolong his life):


1- Although transacting with the disbelievers, including the Baha’is, is permissible per se, but since this misguided and deviating sect is a supporter and companion of Zionism in its theoretical opposition to Islam, any form of aid to them is haram and must be refrained from.


2- In the case mentioned, it is permissible to give the clothes to the dry cleaner’s, although renting that place from the Baha’i by the Muslim is haram in the first place because it falls under the category of collaborating with the Baha’is.


3- If he says he isn't, that will suffice, unless it is proven otherwise, and there is no need for investigation.


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