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The claims that Iran is interfering in the affairs of Bahrain are false

Monday, 30 January 2017 14:15
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It has recently been claimed that Iran is interfering in the affairs of Bahrain, these claims are false; Iran only provides motivational and spiritual assistance to the Shias of that country.

According to Hawzah News Agency, Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, the professor of Kharij lessons (post graduate Fiqh and Usul) within the Islamic Seminary, in a gathering with students to show solidarity with the people of Bahrain, said, “ From the very beginning, Sheikh Isa Qassim was opposed to the idea of ‘Regime Change’ and did not see it being beneficial to the Shias of Bahrain. Because of this he entered the fray with a diplomatic slogan and focused on this issue that the governmental posts of Bahrain should be allocated equally and not based upon corrupt elections which resulted in keeping the Shias in a minority.”

Ayatollah Hadavi went on to stress, “The activities of Sheikh Isa Qassim and Sheikh Ali Salman in Bahrain have nothing to do with sectarianism between Sunnis and Shias, but rather they had a diplomatic and democratic request; however, the Al Khalifah regime carried out negative propaganda against them so that they can achieve their goals.”

The office of Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani


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